Thursday, January 27, 2011

a new time for America?

The State of the Union address, two nights ago, seemed to be somewhat different than what I recall in recent years: rather than the chief executive slinging defensive, partisan barbs, promises and views at the "others" across the proverbial aisle - it seemed a much more positive, even conciliatory event. Due in great part (unfortunately) to the tragic incident in Tucson earlier this month, many delegates chose to sit with their other-party counterparts, maybe even weaving a stronger fabric of American leadership in that gesture alone. Rather than the hurrahs, boos, cheers and cat-calls, there was a greater measure of respectful listening to what the President had to offer.
It is about time that all of us, no matter what party affiliation or political perspective, realize that when we come together as a nation, we have a much better chance to overcome our challenges, and even more so to live up toward the American promise of creativity, innovation, and success in every endeavor. May it yet be...

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