Monday, February 7, 2011

balance, shmalance

I'm wondering how you maintain "balance" (whatever THAT means) in your life...
Simplying thinking of the variety of activities, opportunities, and responsibilities of my previous few days, I recognize that perhaps "balance" (i.e. that all aspects of life are weighed out uniformly, as with a chemist's balance or a gyroscope in order to maintain a completely even keel) is a misapplied term, especially in our crazy/busy/hectic world today.
The word "manage" isn't much better - as it doesn't sound too good to me to say "I'm managing to get by." How about we consider "navigate" - like the explorers of old, pilots, captains - taking charge of our destiny as well as the conduct of day-to-day affairs, with purpose and vision.
Better question: how are you navigating your life? What are the markers and rituals that guide your path (like setting time for family and friends, regular exercise, the art class you look forward too each week)? And what serves as a key to your map as you continue - in what ways are you reflective about where you've been, your current condition, where you are plotting to go (dental checkups...professional development opportunities...chances to catch up with dear friends...)?
Rather than worrying about *maintaining balance* (which seems unattainable), let's spend energy on charting our course. Thinking back, looking around, and especially moving ahead.

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