Monday, November 14, 2011

JamesBrownthehardestworkingmaninrock'n'roll (and Jewish life)

OKAY - so the month following the fall Holy Days (mostly coinciding with the Hebrew month of Cheshvan - called by the sages mar cheshvan - "poor cheshvan" because of the lack of holidays) has been entirely too busy. Thank goodness it's mainly been with wonderful, positive, uplifting stuff: we had the opportunity (along with the local Muslim community) to sponsor the re-broadcast of Robert Satloff's Among the Righteous on WNIT, followed by an in-studio town hall discussion among leaders of our local religious community (for more, see
Then, we had our wonderful scholar-in-residence weekend with culinary author and teacher Tina Wasserman - proving once again that entree into Judaism is often through the stomach. Find Tina's work at
We then hosted author, historian and filmmaker Satloff as our annual Kristallnacht commemoration speaker...after which I had the honor to serve as a guest artist for a URJ program on adult learning through the arts. Conducting tefilah and sharing materials on using music in the Jewish educational setting was both challenging and uplifting...though tired after these 36 hours, it's totally worth it.
d this isn't even to mention the upcoming United Religious Community pre-Thanksgiving event next weekend! Busy is blessed...

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