Saturday, December 24, 2011

OCHO KANDELIKAS, pt. V: relaxin' on Saturday eve

HANUKKAH 2011/5772, fifth night
Relaxing on a Saturday evening
We had lovely spirited services for both erev shabbat and Shabbat morning - from lighting candles at Temple to reading from miketz and discussing the power of dreams in Jewish tradition [va-yikatz, "to be shaken (not stirred) awake", applies to the dream stories of Jacob's ladder, Pharaoh's seven cows/seven ears of corn, as well as King Solomon recognizing the role wisdom plays in his ability to rule] - it's been a lovely Shabbat Hanukkah.
Now - taking it easy on the first full day of the kids' winter break - we're getting ready to cook up a storm: Jazzdaddy's sweet'n'sour ribs have been slow cooking all afternoon; appetizers galore are ready to be made; and we'll figure a good movie to enjoy...with truly nothing much to worry about for the rest of the weekend...another Hanukkah gift.
This fifth night of the Festival of Lights coincides with the eve of Christmas: as we fire up our chanukiot - continuing to bring light into darkness - our wish for our Christian loved ones, friends and neighbors is that it is a meaningful, fulfilling holiday for those who celebrate.
SHAVUA TOV - may it be a good week for us all...


  1. Enjoying your posts JazzRabbi. In our interfaith home tonight the Hanukkah candles shine bring while we listen to Christmas music created by composers such as Irving Berlin. A beautiful table is set and this cook is very curious about your sweet n'sour ribs...

  2. Shavua Tov Sirokas!!! Enjoy the time off, the rest, relaxation and love...Happy Chanukah!!!