Thursday, February 9, 2012

passing of an era, sort of

Today we went to view the Learning Sphere projects at Vered's school. Learning Sphere is an opportunity for the elementary students to do research on (almost) any topic of interest, and create a display showing off their study, theories, and results. We've seen projects ranging from lemon-powered batteries and space travel to rocks & minerals and the effectiveness of different hair-styling products. This year, true to one of her passions, V presented about endangered species, including their habitats, challenges to survival, and what we can do to help protect such vulnerable creatures.
This was Vered's final year to participate. Between our two kids, we've now been involved in some 5 or 6 different Learning Sphere experiences (some families we know have had many, many more!). Though a sense of relief in bringing that last display board home, there's also a sense of bittersweet nostalgia as well (I did look through a bunch of photos of the kids at younger stages earlier today; feel free to cue the music to "Sunrise, Sunset" at any time). Many new opportunities and exciting episodes will open up for her (and us) as she continues toward middle school and beyond; yet I can't help thinking that now too we are witnessing, and undergoing, the end of yet another precious chapter in life, one that will never be repeated...
chazak chazak v'nitchazek.

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  1. Great project idea of endangered species. Would love to see her display board! I've always been interested in our eco system and the importance each creature plays in keeping it balanced. Very worthy project for Vered to research the topic of which species are becoming endangered as it changes throughout the years, their challenges and what role "we" can play!

    Not to worry, jazzrabbi-although this particular era will be ending, as she continues her education-midddle school into high school I bet you'll see a few more display boards!!!