Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meaningful living is all about asking the right questions

In what ways is Abraham Lincoln's impact still vital to American society?

Is it okay to eat legumes during Passover?

How can we learn from the model of Jackie Robinson, 65 years after he broke baseball's color barrier?

Should syngogues/churches conduct themselves like the Apple store?

Who's your favorite guitarist?

Why DO fools fall in love?

These and a whole host of other questions have been brought up, and seriously addressed, in conversations I've had just over the last week or so. As interesting as these discussions have been - I am reminded of one vital idea: the response to these questions (and whether or not anyone offers a "right" or "wrong" answer) is no where near as important as the fact that they are asked, considered, and debated with respect, integrity, and compassion. A friend (Rabbi Eric Stark, to be exact) reminded me earlier today that asking the right questions, engendering thoughtful discussion, is the key not only to figuring out life's mysteries...more so how we might yet create meaningful and uplifting experiences along life's path...

It's not the "answer" we seek that remains with us; rather, it's the process of engaging with one another that really counts....keep asking great questions, and don't worry so much about the reply...

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